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Now that the selection of erectile dysfunction meds available to men is so large, this health condition no longer looks as frightening as it used to mere decades ago. Who cares that Mr. Willy is no longer willing to stand at attention at a mere sight of someone’s lovely curves – just pop a pill a few minutes before things really get hot and heavy and perform better than ever! However, there’s one downside to the whole pharmaceutical ED therapy thing. The cost! With one pill of Levitra currently priced at up to $50 in the US, the burden of regular sex becomes a little too heavy to many. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you could use to buy your Levitra cheap – really, really cheap. Let’s go through the most popular of them in this article.

Cheap Levitra – the Name-Brand Options

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If you want to play by the rules and would never consider going for generic alternatives of Levitra, don’t worry – there’s still a way to bring your costs down when you’re shopping for your favorite ED med. First of all, let’s start with the most obvious option – the savings program offered right on Levitra.com. The manufacturer gets quite generous there actually – you get massive discounts off 12 consequent prescriptions/refills of Levitra, and that is up to $150 off each. The only limitations are the following: this program is not available to any government beneficiaries (including those involved in the Medicare program), the coupon can’t be used by patients over 65 years of age and you must be paying for your Levitra out of your own pocket to be eligible for the discount.

There’s also a wide selection of Levitra discount coupons offered by other sites, such as Good RX, for instance. Of course, the offers you will get there won’t be quite as tempting as that on Levitra.com but… Why not get a couple of bucks off each Levitra pill if you can do it absolutely hassle-free, simply by downloading a printable coupon off the website, right?

Cheapest Generic Levitra

As opposed to the name-brand medication, generic Levitra can be just super-cheap – around $1 a pill or even cheaper! The only problem here is that you need to do some thorough research to make sure that you’re buying a reliable pill from a reliable supplier as there aren’t too many brands to choose from. Most manufacturers don’t even bother to invent some particular name for their product – Vardenafil (the most popular generic name for Levitra and also the name of the active ingredient in this medication) is usually more than enough. Thus, if you’re out hunting for cheapest ‘generic Levitra’, you will most probably end up buying Vardenafil tablets – just make sure they come from a reliable manufacturer and/or reseller by spending a couple hours reading customer reviews on independent websites.

If you still want to buy brand-name Vardenafil without having to overpay for Levitra, you may consider buying Mevitra – a decent form of Vardenafil manufactured by one of India’s major pharmaceutical companies and sold for around $2.60 a pill depending on the pharmacy you’re buying it from. That’s not the lowest price you can get but… Sometimes you need to pay a little extra just to be extra-confident in your purchase.

So, Which Generic for Levitra Should I Choose?

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Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question. Like we have already said above, the main problem with Levitra generics is that most of them come under the same name – Vardenafil. Thus, there’s no particular brand that we would recommend here. Once again, the safe way to do it is to read as many reviews about the manufacturer of the drug and the online pharmacy you’re planning to purchase from as you can – in that case you should be safe.

Summing up everything written above, we can conclude that you can still buy Levitra at a much lower price than the one quoted by your local pharmacy and still take care of your erection problems without any risks. Whether you go for the Levitra.com savings program or one of the numerous generic Levitra offers by independent online pharmacies, we are sure you will be perfectly fine if you pay enough attention to what you’re ordering. Good luck!

Reviews for Levitra to treat Erectile Dysfunction

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    Rob Fullerr, 36 years from the United States star-1 star-1 star-1 star-1 star-1

    Recently I faced with the problems in sexual life. I had a talk with one Dr, my schoolmate, he forced me to pass a bunch of tests and after prescribed me a course of Levitra. In the pharmacy I was pretty shocked with the prices. Well, I bought a tablet for almost 15 dollars - it have worked!
    Bought another two branded tablets, spent another 30 dollars. But the course of the drug lasts a whole month! I've googled on the better prices and read about generics, and found those who sells Indian Levitra, took a sample of 10 pills. Those are of the same effect. So today I'm ordering a second pack. Regarding side effects, it is almost always a stuffy nose and a couple of times I've had a slight tingling in a back.

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    Eric Wells, 40 years from the United States star-1 star-1 star-1 star-1 star-2

    Since long time ago I suffered from diabetes the problems with potency have also already reached me, despite that I'm only 40 years old. For me life without sex is quite dull. I found some information about Levitra. Well, I decided to buy it online, as going to any local pharmacy is a shame. I tried it, really helps! Now I take Levitra daily.